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**DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE** These people continued to bill my credit card even after numerous calls telling them we do not want their services.Months after the second request another charge was processed.

Emails go un responded to. Calls to the number posted are put on hold forever. The company is clearly in India or another third world company. Now they are telling me I didnt cancel and I owe them money.

Guess what they will proably attempt and succeed at putting it on my credit report! I was billed 14.95 3 times in 2012 then 3 more times (all at once)months later in 2013.

If this has happened to you send a letter to the attorney genrals office of your state.Hopefully we can get rid of these crooks.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #634645

I thought you could cancel, within the 30 day trial period, online?In any event, sounds like you neglected to cancel within the trial period.

By the way, there is no need to pay for a service like this. Just go to "". There you can get your credit reports with free credit score, etc. They try to sell you things like credit cards, etc.

but as long as you don't click yes on these, then you will do fine. Check it out. Personally, I don't even know what my credit score or report(s) are.

Why bother?

Free Credit Score - They charged me for a report when they said it was free.

Brookhaven, Mississippi 2 comments

I went online to Free Credit to get a free report as stated in the comments.I got a bill today from them for $19.95 plus a bill for $19.95 for IdentifyHawk.

I have no idea what IdentifyHawk is. This company should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising. This happened on January 17, 2011. Since the information on the computer said it was free, then that is just what it should have been.

This is Fraud and they should be reported.

I called them and you can not talk to a real person.Just a recording.



Same thing happened to me.It is just one of many examples of how the government has laws in place which create loop holes that allow companies to legally mislead (lie, really) to the american taxpayers in order to suck even more cash out of them so they can line their already fat pockets with more money.

It's a lesson I think most people unfortunately have to learn the hard way.

I know I did & it took me two or three times of getting shafted by different companies before I finally figured it out because of all the different crafty ways they have of wording & hiding the full truth within their terms & conditions.Now I know to get out before it's too late when I see that they want a credit or debit card number.


Actually, it's not fraud.You get a FREE report, but that's it.

The 19.95 bill is for the monthly membership, you're told repeatedly that you'll be in.It even says it on the website.

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